Amerikanische traditional Metaller ARGUS mit neuem Video vom kommenden Album

Hier kommt das brandheiße Video „You are the Curse“ vom neuen Album „From Fields of Fire“, das am 8. September über die Ladentische geht. Dazu sagt Sänger Butch: “‘You Are The Curse’ was the first song we wrote for ‘From Fields Of Fire’. Dave [Watson, guitar] brought it in and it immediately fit. I knew we had exciting things coming for the album when it came together. It’s classic ARGUS and a good song to introduce ‘From Fields of Fire’ to our friends worldwide. It’s an up-tempo, rhythmically aggressive but melodic song shot through with dark undertones. Lyrically, this song deals with the idea that sometimes we need look no further than ourselves for why things go wrong in our lives…as you sow so shall you reap. It’s been a live mainstay for about a year-and-a-half and one we expect to play often.”

Zusammen mit HIGH SPIRITS könnt ihr ARGUS auch auf Europa-Tournee sehen:

SEPT 8 Dornbirn, AT,- Schlachthaus
SEP 9 Olte, CH – Coq D’Or
SEP 10 Münster, DE – Sputnikhalle
SEP 11 Marburg, DE – Trauma G-Werk
SEP 12 Oldenburg, DE – MTS Record Store
SEP 13 Hamburg, DE – Bambi Galore
SEP 14 Berlin, DE – Urban Spree
SEP 15 Weimar, DE – Kasseturm
SEP 16 Pückersreuth, DE – Storm Crusher Festival