Neues Album von CHELSEA WOLFE

Am 22.9. erscheint die neue und bereits sechste Platte der Singer Songwriterin CHELSEA WOLFE mit dem Titel „Hiss Spun“, womit sie die Komplexitäten der inneren Unruhe erkundet. Sie selbst sagt dazu: “I’m at odds with myself. I got tired of trying to disappear. The record became very personal in that way. I wanted to open up more, but also create my own reality.

Auf Hiss Spun gibt es prominente Unterstützung von Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age, Failure) und Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom, SUMAC) auf dem Song “Vex.”

You’re just bombarded with constant bad news, people getting fucked over and killed for shitty reasons or for no reason at all, and it seems like the world has been in tears for months, and then you remember it’s been fucked for a long time, it’s been fucked since the beginning. It’s overwhelming and I have to write about it.

The album is cyclical, like me and my moods”, sagt Wolfe über Hiss Spun. “Cycles, obsession, spinning, centrifugal force—all with gut feelings as the center of the self.

Hier könnt ihr euch schonmal einen Song anhören: