Brasilianische Drone Raw Punker DEAF KIDS: neues Album und Video

Das Trio veröffetlicht am 6.10.2017 ihr erstes Album „Configuração Do Lamento“, das im Moment nur als Demo erhältlich war. Entdecker ist Steve von Till von NEUROSIS. Er sagt über die Jungs:

‘This Band Sounds Like No Other!’ My cynical nature believed that to be a tall order, so I decided to call their bluff and clicked on the stream… MIND BLOWN. I was not prepared for how much I would love this record. Raw, powerful, and explosive heavy psych. I think I listened to it three times in a row right then and there. I played it for my bandmates the first time we were all in a room together and we all agreed, ‘We need to put out a DEAFKIDS record.’ So here it is, for the first time on vinyl and CD, that very same DEAFKIDS recording that first lured me into their sonic world.

Checkt das Video aus: