ASPHYX mit Jubiläumsplatte und Live Shows (Update)

Um ihr 30-jähriges Jubiläum zu feiern, wird es eine spezielle Ausgabe ihres „The Rack“ Debütalbums geben, die am 17.11.17 veröffentlicht werden wird. Zur Feier des Tages wird es am 18.11. und am 19.11. jeweils eine Show in Essen im Turock geben. Als Bonus wird es zur Original CD eine zweite CD mit Coversongs von alten Bekannten und Newcomern geben. Hier schon mal die Tracklist:

1. DAN SWANÖ (Sweden) – The Quest Of Absurdity (01:28)
2. GRAVE (Sweden) – Vermin (03:55)
3. DESASTER (Germany) – Diabolical Existence (03:53)
4. SKELETAL REMAINS (USA) – Evocation (05:30)
5. COFFINS (Japan) – Wasteland Of Terror (02:39)
6. DESERTED FEAR (Germany) – The Sickening Dwell (03:39)
7. HOODED MENACE (Finland) – Ode To A Nameless Grave (03:27)
8. ENTRAILS (Sweden) – Pages In Blood (04:14)
9. PURGATORY (Germany) – The Rack (08:22)

Sänger Martin van Drunen sagt dazu:

“If some-one would have told us back in 1991 we would be celebrating a “The Rack” re-release 25 years after the original and even a 30 years band anniversary, I would have recommended that person to consult a damn shrink. But here we are in 2017, deathsters, going stronger than ever and with an extra-ordinary marvelous brand new release of “The Rack” on vinyl and as Mediabook CD. Of course this idea came up as usual after a few beers during the first recording session of “Incoming Death”, when one of us stated “The Rack” was 25 years in his private metal-collection already. And thus we felt like doing something special. Now what can be more unique then having colleague bands we respect and listen to ourselves covering every single track of the album in their own particular style? May that be of old wolves or young hunters from the global pack, they’re all represented.
Therefore, as ASPHYX, we are extremely proud and honored to have all these true spontaneous 3rd millennium doom/death contributions and also the magnificent remastering, preserving that grim, gloomy, loud and brutal sound of the old days.
But better judge for yourselves…And have a beer with us on it. Cheerz!”