Englische Hardcoreler FEED THE RHINO mit neuem Video

Die neue Single heißt „Heedless“, wozu die Band folgendes sagt:

“We’re incredibly excited to unleash our new single, „Heedless“ to the world (produced by Oz Craggs, video by Robin Fuller). The song has been in the works for a little while and is the first single off our new album, „The Silence“, which is coming out on February 16th, 2018 via Century Media. We couldn’t be more proud of this album, which we think shows an evolution from our last album (“The Sorrow And The Sound”, 2015), but keeps the FEED THE RHINO flag flying strong. We’re all really excited to hear what everyone thinks of what we’ve been working so hard on!”

Das Album wird dann im Dezember erscheinen.

Hier könnt ihr euch das Werk ansehen: