Neues Video der belgischen Doomer AMENRA

Das Album „Mass VI“ ist gerade eben erst erschienen, jetzt gibt es zum Song „A Solitary Reign“. Zum Video sagt Colin H. Van Eeckhout: A solitary reign“ needed to portray the universal nature of our music and message. The abstraction of man and woman to separate deities. The return to its animal-esque essence and cravings. It is an Ode to the Mother. Made by a Mother. A procession to celebrate its beauty.mThe song was written to hono​u​r the passing of our drummer, Bjorn Lebon’​s mother. Before writing and recording we knew we wanted to honou​r our mothers on the next album. We wanted to get each one of them in the studio to interview them, ask them about life, love, motherhood, their sons, getting older, death and pain.. So we could possibly take some of these words with us, into the next album. We ran out of time, and the only one we were able to interview was, Paulette. Bjorns mom. She talked about him, about almost losing him, about lifes joy and pain. It was a beautiful moment for all of us. We stowed our plans for later, and little did we know that a month later she got diagnosed with Cancer. The strong woman died a few months later. Partially written, the song had a prophetic nature. It is the song that brought us together, in that moment, that phonecall. We knew time had come to come together, and write that album, that became MASS VI. The video was made by Tine Guns, the mother of our guitarplayer Mathieu Vandekerckhoves son, Wolf. She is an amazing photographer, director and video artist. She knows AMENRA better than anyone, and was able to capture all the emotion and weight of the moment in moving image. I am proud to say that all the people responsible for this movie are my close friends, and I could not have wished for better companions to accomplish this hard task.​„​

Hier könnt ihr es euch ansehen:

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