Neues Video der finnischen Thrasher SOULWOUND

Die Thrasher aus Kouvola legen mit „Alone against All“ von ihrem zweiten Album „No Peace“ ein Video vor. Die Band sagt dazu:

„Our previous videos have always featured some symbolic content in addition to footage of the band performing, but this time we decided to go for a really stripped down DIY performance video to accompany the song Alone against All, which is arguably the most „punk“ song on the album in its simplistic ferocity. The original idea was to both shoot and edit the video entirely by ourselves, but we soon realized that none of us had the hardware or software to pull it off, so we turned once again to our good friend Tino-Viljami Vanhala for the editing job. We knew we could count on his wizardry, and sure enough, he waved his magic wand over the decidedly crude footage we’d shot and turned it into something far better than we ever could have. So, crack open a beer and join us for a sweaty and oxygen-deprived headbanging party in the cramped basement room where we forge our brand of Finnish metal!“