HOMERIK veröffentlichen neues Video

Das New Yorker Symphonic Progressive Death Metal Trio HOMERIK hat das neue Video zu ihrem Song „A Song in The Night: Part I“ des am 31. Oktober erschienenen Albums „Homerik“ veröffentlicht.

Die Geschichte des Video verläuft wie folgt:
„Long ago, in a house within the woods, a girl and her older sister lived a seemingly normal life with their parents. They were a happy family, filled with love, care, and much affection. But one day, turmoil and disease fell upon the family as the mother of the two children passed away. Drunk and distraught, their father craved the romance of his lover and so turned to the only ones that could fill the void lingering in his heart. But death would make its rounds once again, and a girl was left to fend off the shadows in her room, alone…“

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