GRAVEYARD sind im Studio

Die schwedischen Classic Rocker GRAVEYARD sind momentan in den Park Studios in Stockholm, um den Nachfolger ihres aktuellen Albums „Innocence & Decadence“ einzuspielen. Erscheinen soll das bisher unbetitelte Album im späten Frühjahr/frühen Sommer 2018.
Das Album wird von Chips Kiesbye produziert, als Engineer ist Stefan Boman engagiert.

Nach einer Woche im Studio teilt die Band mit:
“It’s great to be back in the studio and laying down the basic tracks have been nothing but sheer joy. This time around we’ve got more than enough songs to fill up an album and as always the really fun and thrilling part will be to see how the recording will treat each song from rehearsals to finished mix. With that said the obvious goal is to continue our walk down GRAVEYARD’s left hand album path with yet another album filled with all killers and no fillers. We’re up for a promising start here in the studio and we can’t wait to let all of you be the judge of how you think we did. All for now back to recording.”