Nergal von BEHEMOTH heißt DECAPITATED zu Hause willkommen

Nachdem die Vorwürfe gegen die polnischen Deather DECAPITATED nun vorerst fallengelassen wurden, äußert sich BEHEMOTHs Nergal zu dem Fall. Grund für die Freilassung seien zum einen „das Wohl des Opfers“ wie auch, dass dies „im Interesse der Gerechtigkeit“ sei. Der Fall könnte aber wiedereröffnet werden, falls sich neue Beweise finden. Nergal hieß derweil seine Landsmänner willkommen zurück in der Heimat, nachdem er vorher schon in zahlreichen Statements geäußert hatte, dass zuerst der Beweis der Schuld erbracht werden sollte.

Der Staatsanwalt äußerte sich indes folgendermaßen:

„This has been traumatizing to her,“ sagte Fitzgerald über das Opfer. „It’s obviously something that is a multiple defender case, and it would be a lengthy trial.“Der Staat habe nicht nur eine Verpflichtung gegenüber der Gemeinschaft, Verbrechen zu verfolgen, sondern auch gegenüber des Opfers. „We’ve discussed with her and her advocates and feel at this time it’s best for her to heal,“ sagte Fitzgerald.

Nergals Statement zum zweiten Problem, nämlich möglichen Auftritten der Band in den USA in der Zukunft, liest sich wie folgt:

„4 months ago, Decapitated were accused of kidnap and gang rape – subsequently they were put in a County prison and later into a local jail…and the shit hit the fan! I recall the similar case of my friends from Satyricon/Keep of Kalessin who spent 2 months in a Canadian prison because someone accused them of rape.

It took 2 months of legal bureaucracy and the help of the Norwegian government to get them out. The accuser finally recanted the allegations, claiming it was a mistake. They never received compensation for financial losses or emotional trauma, just a brief apology and a document to prove their innocence (which they must always carry around with them).

Somehow, from the very beginning my intuition told me my friends from Decapitated would be just fine. Now, I’m not claiming to be a prophet but I’m an optimist and a good judge of character, I know these guys and I know they couldn’t/wouldn’t hurt a fly. They are now released and have had charges dropped (without prejudice).

It’s obviously a big relief to their families and friends, including myself. So…what’s next for their career after such severe defamation? What about their good name? What about their families? I hope they get their justice and strike back soon!!! And Justice For All? Well…not quite. But getting innocent people back home…HELL YES!

Last thing, friends – stay rational and reasonable and think carefully before you speak… and caste a stone at innocent people.

Welcome home brothers.“


(Quelle: Facebook Seite NERGAL )