Finnische Druid Folk Metaller UNSHINE mit neuem Video, kommendes Album

Wenn ihr auf Doom, Post, Folk und Black Metal steht, ist vielleicht das kommende Album „Astrala“ der Finnen UNSHINE etwas für euch. Es wird am 19.1.2018 erscheinen. Den ersten Song „Visionary’s Last Breath“könnt ihr euch hier schon einmal anhören:

Gitarrist Harri Hautala sagt zur Band:

“Unshine has always been a band without the traditional role models. For us, the most important thing in a song is the melody. Sounds and rhythms create the overall atmosphere, but the melody makes the whole ancient story in it come to life.”

Über den neuen Song sagt die Band:

„On this track, we tell the story of a healer preparing for the journey to ASTRALA and this requires purification of soul and body. It is fascinating to think that a modern human could also apply these same methods in most of the everyday activities. If it has worked for thousands of years, why did we forget these ways? This quite heavy song is played in low tuning in order to create the right atmosphere.“