Neues Video der amerikanischen Heavy Metaller LEATHER

Der neue Song heißt „Midnite“, den die Band mit Frontfrau Leone präsentiert. Über das neue Album sagt die Metal Dame: “I have never thought of »Leather II« as a follow up. That was so long ago, and I was so not in touch with life as I am now. I have been with this record from a simple conversation with the band in Colombia to now. The experience of that is extremely different than »Shock Waves«. I am in a total different place with a different family. I am finally okay with my mind and have found a team that is with me. With »Shock Waves« I was young and not asking questions. I believe it is a life process that I am blessed enough to continue. So no, this is not a follow up, this is a new chapter.”

Seht euch hier das Video an: