EIS bezieht Stellung zum Statement von CREMATORY…..und sind anderer Meinung

Lest hier die Originalstellungnahme von EIS:


A few days ago, German Gothic Metal band CREMATORY – in person of their drummer and founding member Markus Jüllich – posted a statement on the band’s Facebook page, talking about the band’s situation in current music business. Jüllich complained about low presales of tickets for the upcoming tour and also low sales of their recent albums, therefore much less income for the band compared to former years, resulting in the question if this might mean the end of their career. He also claimed to have invested a lot of private money to keep Crematory going, and that it’s becoming hard to impossible for the band to be self-sufficient. A lot of listeners and just readers as well felt attacked or insulted by the words Jüllich chose to criticize music lovers and customers for not attending Crematory’s concerts and not buying physical copies of their albums.
But, this text is not about Crematory.

In the course of this, we in EIS talked about the topic of bands in current music business yesterday, and I (Alboin writing this) personally felt affected by this post and its comments a lot. Being in bands for around 20 years now, running my „own“ one for 13 years, I witnessed quite some of the developments in metal music business and underground (more the latter I suppose) and do have my own opinion. And yes, it differs a lot from the one just summed up.

Instead of complaining about the oh-so-bad financial situation, we in EIS want to use the opportunity to thank all you guys and girls out there, for a lot of reasons.

Thank you for buying our records – and yes, you DO buy quite some physical copies, and you praise not only the music, but also the artwork, the tasteful layout, the haptic experience of holding a piece of our art in your hands. Especially with luxury or book editions.
Thank you for buying our merch – not tons of it maybe, but still hundreds of shirts, zippers, patches, buttons and the like every year, and you continuously tell us how much you seize the designs, the quality, or how well this ice-scraper works on your car’s front window. Crazy!
Thank you for attending our gigs as an audience which always – really, always and in most different ways – shows us how much you relish the intensity of our music and the performance we deliver. We try to give the best we can, in each single minute we’re on stage, and you do notice that, and you do tell us about it. Of course there are gigs with 2000 people standing in front of a festival stage, and the other day it might be 20 people standing in front of a youth centre’s stage. Anyway, thank YOU standing in front of any stage. If you were not there, nobody would be able to play concerts anymore.
Thank you, promoters of festivals, tours and single gigs, for continuously inviting us to play in your region or city, and – yes, as well – for giving us money for it. You couldn’t do this without fans buying tickets and drinking a lot of beer, so there must be people still filling clubs, youth centres and event halls with their presence. If it’s worth the experience, of course.
And finally, thank you for listening to our music on platforms like Spotify, Deezer or even YouTube. Yes, it’s true, we don’t earn a single penny from streaming services. Probably 95% of all more extreme metal bands don’t. But on the other hand, we most probably also never reached so many actual and potential listeners. We’re quite sure we could convince a lot of streaming-only-listeners of our music, and nearly as sure that quite some of these finally came to see us playing live, and maybe bought an album or a shirt. Even if not, maybe next time. Last but not least: We’re sure that we would not sell a single copy more if we would have our music deleted from streaming services. Who loves buying CDs and LPs buys CDs and LPs, no matter if the music can be streamed or not.

Judged from our point of view, the view of a hard-working band of four guys being crazy for emotional black metal and running this as a hobby, we can only say: YES, we love what we do, and YES, sometimes it’s hard and frustrating. NO, it’s not impossible to run and finance a band like ours, with expenses for a rehearsal room, equipment, transportation, webhosting, even recording and a lot more aspects. YES, it IS self-sufficient, and sometimes there’s even some money left to keep. There’s no reason to complain, seriously, even for a small band like us. Just wanted to say this.

So much for now . Let’s not stop doing the things we love. And it seems like this still is: Music. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and this post to people who might be affected.

Originalquelle: Facebook

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