BARREN EARTH mit neuem Musikvideo

Am 30.03.2018 erscheint „A Complex Of Cages“, das neue Album der Progressive Death Metaller BARREN EARTH.  Nun hat die Band eine weitere Single mit Video veröffentlicht.

Sänger Jón Aldará kommentiert dazu: „This song concerns the inability to feel empathy for others or to care about the effects of one’s actions. It is seen through the mind of a person who is locked inside that isolating condition, while still wishing to fit into society and connect with others. In this instance, the ruby is a metaphor for an unliving, impenetrable heart. With the video, Vesa has tried to capture a quite simplistic, closed-in feeling to represent the concept of the song, but at the same time used the classic „band playing“ format, since this the closest thing to a straightforward rocker that Barren Earth has ever made.“

Ihr könnt „The Ruby“ hier hören: