Gitarrist von SWALLOW THE SUN steigt aus

Nach 17 Jahren verlässt Markus „Jämy“ Jämsen die finnische Doom-Metal-Band. Die Band bedauere dies und bedankt sich bei ihm für die gemeinsamen Jahre. Zur Zukunft der Band will man sich später nochmal äußern.

Hier das Statement von Markus:
„Dear all, I have decided to step down as a guitar player from Swallow the Sun. There is couple of reasons why I came to this conclusion. Some of you are aware of the state of my hearing and the worry that I carry causing futher damage to my ears. A few years ago at my parents summer cottage I noticed that the hiss, which I’ve had for a while didn´t stop anymore but kept going. I thought that couple of days surrounded by nothing but silence, would renew my ears and that my hearing would be back to normal again. didn´t happen. Now concerning this, I do not dare to take the risk of developing tinnitus as my ears propably could not handle the heavy touring anymore with the next Swallow the Sun album.

Another thing is motivation. Going on tours has become increasingly difficult every year, which is quite contradictory to how much fun it has been in the end. Going onto the stage and playing music you love is after all the best thing that there can be. But now I could use the phrase „my glass is full“.

I´ve been in this band for 17 years. It´s a pretty darn long time,
especially when you think about what kind of „full-on pultsari mode“ it has been every now and then. Lots of laughter, sometimes tears.. Spending time together in a tour bus, listening good music and cleaning the air in the best company around.

I would like to thank all the fans, bands and partners whom which I have come across and got to know during these years. Special thanks to my bandmates: Juha, Mikko, Matti, Aleksi, Juuso, Kai, Pasi, and guys behind the band: Mikko T, Jarno, Jukka P, Juha R, Matti K and Toni. Love u guys!“

All the best!