Metalcoreler BLEEDING THROUGH mit neuem Video

BLEEDING THROUGH melden sich offiziell zurück und liefern am 25. Mai mit »Love Will Kill All« ein neues Album. Das brandneue Video zum Song ‚Fade Into The Ash‘ ist über den Link unten zu sehen.

Brandan Schieppati (vocals) sagt: “To me ‘Fade Into The Ash’ is the true portrayal of the BLEEDING THROUGH sound. It tells the story of a 15 year career, alongside a comeback. When we shot the video, we kept things more streamlined. It was striking and simple, just like our new record. It features a strong visual performance with back lit silhouettes that add to the overall drama of the song. Overall, it’s a timeless look and ambiance, which perfectly captures the emotion and essence of the band! Enjoy!“