Neues Video der Nu Metaller DROPOUT KINGS

Das Sextett hat gerade das Video zum Song „Going Rogue“ aus ihrem Debut „AudioDope“ veröffentlicht. Dazu die Band:
“A few of us in this band were in another band before this, together called “The Bad Chapter” That band broke up, and we basically split into two bands. One band became “Dropout Kings” the other turned into a band called “Going Rogue” hence, the title of the track. Eventually, we brought the two bands together creating the final line-up of this band. We thought it would be a cool homage to our past situation by naming the song that. The song itself is basically just about flexin’ and being confident and just knowing you the shit! Anytime you’re really feelin’ yourself I want you to play this track so you can remind yourself you the shit!”

Hier geht’s zum Video: