Neues Lyricvideo von STILLBIRTH

Die Death Grind Band STILLBIRTH aus Hagen werden am 31.08.2018 ihr neues Album „Annihilation Of Mankind“ veröffentlichen. Als Vorgeschmack gibt es nun den Song „Psychological Manipulation“ zu hören, den die Band folgendermaßen kommentiert:
“After three long years of hard work, we are proud to announce the first single off of Annihilation of Mankind as well as our first ever lyric video! The song for the video, ‘Psychological Manipulation,’ edited by Máriel ML from Spain, is the fourth track out of twelve from our new album, which will be released August 31st by Unique Leader Records. Annihilation of Mankind is a concept album about the initiation of a world war that ends in a post-apocalyptic nuclear utopia as seen on the killer artwork, done by Aghy R. Purakusuma from Indonesia. Razor-sharp brutal death metal, face-melting blast beats, pounding grooves and pit introducing slam parts are waiting for you! We can’t wait for you all to check this out!”