Sänger Joey steigt bei METAPRISM aus

Lest hier das Statement der Band auf ihrer Facebook Seite:

Some of you may have noticed we have been a little quiet as of late. Sadly Joey has decided to leave the band in order to commit more time and effort to other projects and endeavours.

Joey: “Thank you to Metaprism and the fans for accepting me into the family. I had a great time but the time is right. I wish them the best of luck! See you all soon”

We have done some really cool things together so we of course wish Joey all the best and you guys should go follow him to check out some future things he has going on.

Such is life that these things happen, people move on, but the show must go on. So we have indeed found a worthy replacement. That person is…..

….find out tomorrow at 6pm…..


Quelle: Facebook