LUX DIVINA lösen sich auf

Die spanische Pagan Black Metal Band hat bekanntgegeben, dass sie sich dazu entschieden haben, die Gruppe aufzulösen. Es sei alles freundschaftlich abgelaufen, nah 20 Jahren seien neue Wege zu beschreiten. Das gesamte Statement findet ihr hier:

„1998 – 2018


Just as everything is born everything dies.

The end of our journey with LVX DIVINA has come to an end. Have been 20 years in different periods, with different line-ups. Always trying to capture different ideas and concepts in our recordings. Combining moods and writing music with Soul. Looking for a way and a style with which we can express ourselves and connect with ourselves. Always away of the superficiality and the lie that surrounded us in many moments.

Personally and feeling at peace with myself at this time to write these lines of farewell, I must be fully honest when it comes to saying that have been long years of struggle to continue with a little understood band, little supported by record labels (except for some good friends), little supported by distributors, specialized press and the audience in general (like many other bands of our generation) and I know we will be forgotten in a short time. It isn’t a reproach to anything or to anyone, since there have also been good and positive moments. It’s only the moment that we have had to live in time and space, nothing more. It is just the unique and personal feeling that we could have offered more, that’s the feeling of what lived in these 20 years behind this creature called LVX DIVINA.

This departure is not due to personal problems between the band members, on the contrary, I think we are in a very good harmony and mutual respect after all of these years working together.

Our main idea was to go further with our musical proposal, release some more albums, make more tours and festivals, reach more people, but it has not been like that. The Cosmos was not on our side, perhaps we didn’t know how to use our winning cards at the right time, that’s just how things are, and unfortunately they’re not liable to change. It is not a time for regrets, but for change. That’s why you have to accept goodbye with elegance. The musical currents change, times change and with the times experience dictates your path. The creative spirit dies and is reborn and so follows the eternal wheel in this insane world.

Is this an end? Yes to LVX DIVINA for the reasons expressed in this note, but not to the music that resides within us. We are working on another musical project that we will present when it’s time. Everything is brewing slowly, so it is still too early to know what we can offer. Everything is so different and far from the concept and style of LVX DIVINA that all the members of the band decided to change the way. It did not make sense to continue with the name after 20 years being a band unknown to the great audience, which was not a „trademark“ with which to make a living. The band did not make any economical profit except to enrich us musically. I think that in a way that is almost romantic, our music and its concept will always be there for the seeker and the nonconformist, even in an infinitesimal way. But above all out of respect for those listeners who have always believed in our music. All those people known or not, are part of an experience that will always have a very special aura inside us.

The list of acknowledgments would be long and tedious, so I will just say on behalf of the whole band WE THANK YOU ALL! zines, media, record labels, promoters, related bands, listeners and close friends. Also to all the detractors, envious, rip-offs and thieves that in some way helped us grow.

Thank you very much to all those who have supported us in some way throughout these years, without a doubt you are part of the lived experience and we hope to have contributed something in some moments of your exsistence.

From the depths of our hearts, we will always thank you.