Chinesische Instrumental-Rock Band WANG WEN mit neuem Video und kommendem Album

Die Chinesen präsentieren nun die dritte Single „Silenced Dalian“ von ihrem bereits zehnten Album „Invisible City“, das am 28.9.2018 erscheinen wird und in den Sundlaugin Studios auf Island im Januar aufgenommen wurde. Dazu Gitarrist Xie Yugang:  “We are a group of people who are always affected by the surrounding environment. There was a small river running outside the recording studio in Iceland. We recorded our album during the coldest time in Iceland, but because of its special geothermal resources, that small river didn’t freeze. When we looked at it from afar, it seemed to be enveloped in a shroud of water vapor. That small river made a lasting impression on me somehow, it became a symbol for hope”.

Hier geht’s zum Song: