METAPRISM erneut auf der Suche nach einem neuen Sänger

Die englische Melodic Metal Band METAPRISM ist erneut auf der Suche nach einem neuen Sänger. Nachdem erst Joey Draper die Band verließ, konnte man mit Grant Stacey einen Nachfolger finden. Dieser verlässt aber leider nach kurzer Zeit die Band auch wieder. Lest hier das Original Statement der Band und von Grant:

We are gutted to say that after just a few short months Grant has unfortunately had to step down from being the new vocalist in the band 😕 . It would have been cool to see where we could have gone, but as our luck will have it it was not meant to be. We of course respect his decision and wish him all the best with his family and the future.

Grant: „Due to a dramatic change in my personal commitments, I have unfortunately had to hang up my microphone before my role in Metaprism has even begun. This has been a huge decision for me and wasn’t made lightly. I have so much faith and love for this band, not only for the music, but also for the people. I want to say a huge thanks and good luck to the band and thanks to the fans for accepting me into the ranks“

This of course means we will now be actively looking for a new vocalist! see poster below…


Da frag ich mich doch ernsthaft: Wer würde nicht gerne den männlichen Gesangspart neben Theresa Smith übernehmen?

Erfahrt hier mehr über die Band.