Schon in wenigen Tagen erscheint das neue Album „Trapped in Chaos“ von DUST BOLT. Für alle die noch nicht wissen, ob sie sich die neue Scheibe besorgen, haben die Thrasher aus Bayern nun eine Entscheidungshilfe in Form des neuen Videos zu „Another Day In Hell“ parat:

Die Band lässt dazu folgendes verlautbaren:

„‚Another Day In Hell‘ is the by far slowest and darkest song on the new album and probably even in DUST BOLT´s history. Originated on an acoustic guitar, Lenny took this song to the rehearsal room one day and it was kind of fitting to how the band and its members were feeling at that point of time. The video was shot on one day, together with Bloodspot frontman and singer Peter Kunz and shows a different side to the band´s personality than most listeners have seen before. For this one we wanted to let the music do the talking and portray the day the song was written from the perspective of every bandmember.”