Bei UNE MISÈRE geht’s steil bergauf: die isländische Hardcore-Formation hat bei Nuclear Blast unterschrieben.

Die Band ist mehr als glücklich: „As a band we are more than excited to be signing with a label that has hosted many bands that we have listened to and loved since we started listening to heavy music. This signing will serve as a jump start to what we aim to achieve – We are nothing but humble for the opportunity and excited for what the future holds. This signing marks the beginning of a cooperation that everyone will know of. We aim for the world, and Nuclear Blast is going to help us get it.“

Und zur Feier des Tages gibt es auch noch ein neues Video:

Auch dazu möchte die Kapelle euch folgendes mitteilen: „‚Damages‘ is about being at your breaking point. It is about being at the very edge and falling over. ‚Damages‘ is about facing the fact that mental diseases may never be cured; although the person can get better, one may never be fully rid of it. Depression, anxiety, addiction and so forth – they will always be there. The shadows – they will always be there. They will follow you – into the grave.“