Die österreichischen Post-Black-Metaler HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY besinnen sich auf ihre Ursprünge und haben sich was ganz exklusives für ihre Fans ausgedacht. Dort wo ihre Karriere begann, im Escape in Wien, kehren sie am 04.10.2019 für eine ganz intime Show zurück. Und dabei wird es nur Songs der ersten beiden Alben zu hören geben. Einige wurden noch nie live gespielt.

Die Jungs sagen dazu folgendes auf ihrer Facebook-Seite:

„Today it is time for a very special announcement:
Since day one we are blessed with constantly growing support from all over the world which leaves us speechless at every single show that we are honored to play for you. But while everything has reached dimensions far beyond our wildest expectations it is essencially important to remember where you come from, to remember the faces that believed in you from the very beginning. This is the reason why we are proud to announce that Harakiri for the Sky will return to Escape Metalcorner in our hometown Vienna – the stage where it all began!
On this occasion we will play a one-time special set including only tracks from our first two albums, some even never performed live before!
Tickets are strictly limited to 150 and are now available via Ticketmaster, WienXtra/Jugendinfo and directly at Esacpe.
We are looking forward to a highly emotional and intimate evening on 4th October!

Weitere Infos könnt ihr dem Flyer entnehmen: