RISING: „White Heat“ Video der dänischen Epic/Doom Metaller

Der neue Song des Quintetts stammt vom aktuellen vierten Album „Sword and Scythe“, das im Oktober erschienen ist. Zum neuen Song sagt Sänger Morten Grønnegaard:

„‚White Heat‘ tells the story of a distant future where the fossil fuels that once forged our industrial society, are nothing but an ancient memory. Humanity struggles to find a new power source that can generate the white heat demanded to reindustrialize the world. A fast, aggressive yet melodic song with odd time signatures describing man’s striving towards both survival and dominance, and all it implies, good and bad. The video is a metaphorical illustration of this ambition and its palpable consequences that are our world today. But along the intent of the album’s concept of examining man’s nature, it is also a visual question to ourselves: is the current course the only path we can tread, or are we capable of self-critique to the point of controlling our instincts and convey a sustainable existence?“