TELLTALE aus Richmond, USA, sind der neueste Zuwachs bei SharpTone Records. Die Alternative Rocker feiern das ganze mit einem neuen Video zu ihrem Song „Bouquet“, der auch auf ihrer zweitem EP „Timeless Youth“ zu finden sein wird. Das Ding erscheint am 26. April 2019. Sänger John Carter möchte folgendes mitteilen:

„‚Bouquet‘ is about not being enough for someone and coming to terms with that reality. At the time this song was written, I was deeply struggling with my sexuality and furthermore my ability to be physically intimate with others due to past experiences. “I’ll never be your bouquet” is my own way of saying, “there are things about me that won’t always be pretty, there are parts of me that are quite literally wilted and dying, and I won’t numb myself out or stop showing certain feelings just to look nice for your display.”