Australische Psychedelic Rock and Roll Okkultisten THE NEPTUNE POWER FEDERATION haben Aufnahmen für neues Album abgeschlossen

Das neue Album, das im September erscheinen wird, wird “The Memoirs Of A Rat Queen” heißen.

“It took a while longer than we originally anticipated, which is what we should have expected,” erzählt Gitarrist Inverted CruciFox. “We try to include a lot of small details that reward headphone-wearing listeners who use our records to travel to alternate dimensions. There has to be enough fuel to accommodate their journey.”

Die Band präsentiert einen Mix aus Rock, Progressive und Psychodelic. “It feels a bit different, yet a natural progression, which was the aim,” sagt CruciFox. “I feel like we have paid our sonic respects to QUEEN, MOTÖRHEAD, T-REX and many others.”

“There are few specific recollections of the process,”erzählt CruciFox. “We simply present at the studio and swiftly fall under the thrall of the Imperial Priestess (=Sängerin der Band) who conducts the music through us via mind control. There is a feeling of disorientation and euphoria followed by shock that 12 months has passed and the album is complete.”

Die Band kann es kaum noch erwarten, das Album auf den Markt zu bringen:

“We are awaiting the response of the ancient ones — a centuries-old council of mystic faeries who determine which of the new songs shall be added to the set. It’s an unconventional approach, but we stand by our methods.”

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