Die Supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA mit Mitgliedern von SOILWORK und ARCH ENEMY beglückt uns diesen Sommer mit ihrem neuen Song „Satellite“. Die Band dazu:

„Sometimes, no matter how many years or how many miles you have between yourself and the one you truly desire, love leaves a mark that can’t be erased. Your need is etched in your soul, in the actual muscle fibers that keeps your heart beating. And so, you become a satellite, forever stuck in orbit around the object of your affection, watching from afar, but never being able to fulfill your dreams.

Anticipating yet another sinful Swedish summer, where none of your secrets can be hidden beneath the unyielding glare of the midnight sun, we wanted to give you something special; a soundtrack both to your daydreams and your shortcomings. This summer might change your life, and if it doesn’t, we might change it for you.

Today is THE day for our Satellite to land, impact imminent!
Will you be our Satellite?“

Hier könnt ihr euch den Song reinziehen: