Post-Metal/Prog/Jazz-Outfit ASTROSAUR: erste Single vom kommenden Album

Die Norweger haben gerade ihr zweites Album „Obscuroscope“ angekündigt, das am 27.9.2019 erscheinen wird. Die erste Single wird Poyekhali“ heißen. „Obscuroscope“ is in many ways a record about curiosity“, sagt Gitarrist Kråkenes. „Thematically, each song relates to stories of exploration, of unveiling that which is obscured and of discovering the unknown. This theme is also a parallel to how ASTROSAUR try to work as a band, letting curiosity lead the way in the continuous exploration of our own musical univers. Whereas on ‘Fade In // Space Out’ we kind of made a point of basically recording the album live, we were not afraid of overdubbing or tracking instrument by instrument for the parts that demanded that, while still recording other parts live. This, ironically, resulted in a sound more true to how Astrosaur sounds live“.

Hier geht’s zum Video: