ANATHEMA kündigen Support-Acts für Tour an: RENDEZVOUS POINT und MASVIDAL

ANATHEMA werden das zehnjährige Jubiläum ihres Albums „We’re Here Because We’re Here“ mit einer Europatournee im März feiern. Mit dabei sind die nordischen Progressive Metaller RENDEZVOUS POINT, die ihr zweites Album „Universal Chaos“ letztes Jahr veröffentlicht haben, und MASVIDAL, das Solo Projekt von Paul Masvidal (CYNIC, Æon Spoke), der kürzlich eine Trilogie-CD veröffentlicht hat, „Mythical Human Vessel“. Zur Tour sagt Danny Cavanagh:

We never usually do anniversary tours of particular albums, but in the case of ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here,’ which is the album that began our rebirth, we feel this is something we want to do. What I love about this album and that time in our journey is the life affirming qualities in the music. It’s an album of hope, reflection, of summer, of an intense uplifting emotion. We will do all we can to augment the trip with a never before seen light and video show to enhance the experience. Join us in the dreaming light. Well, putting aside my incredulity that it has been almost 10 years, I’m really into the idea of this tour from a creative perspective. How will we play these songs live now? How will some songs have evolved in the meantime? What can we do with the visual production? It’s a great record to revisit as the themes are still as honest and personal as they’ve always been but there are more shafts of light that cut through the darkness. The plan is to do two sets: the ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’ album in full and then a second set comprising the best stuff from the other records and maybe a brand new song or two. Hope to see you there!”

Die Band hat außerdem angekündigt, bereits an einem Album zu arbeiten, das 2020 erscheinen soll.

6th March – St Luke’s Church, Glasgow, UK
7th March – Palladium, London, UK
8th March – Le Trianon, Paris, FRANCE
9th March – Antipode, Rennes, FRANCE
10th March – Santana27, Bilbao, SPAIN
11th March – Cineteatro Capitolio, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
13th March – Apolo, Barcelona, SPAIN
14th March – BUT, Madrid, SPAIN
16th March – X-Tra, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
18th March – Akvarium Klub, Budapest, HUNGARY
19th March – Simm City, Vienna, AUSTRIA
20th March – Gruenspan, Hamburg, GERMANY
21st March – Prognosis Festival, Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS
22nd March – Live Music Hall, Cologne, GERMANY
23rd March – Longhorn, Stuttgart, GERMANY
24th March – Astra, Berlin, GERMANY