Neues Video der schwedischen Post Punk Band THEN COMES SILENCE

Der neue Song „We Lose The Night“ stammt vom kommenden Album „Machine, das am 13.3.2020 veröffentlicht wird. Alex Svenson (voc, bass): “ I was a hardheaded pessimist around the time we released both ‚NYCTOPHILIAN‘ and ‚BLOOD‘. Distinctly misandristic and fed-up on the patriarchal structures. I started writing on WE LOSE THE NIGHT. I was sorry for all my sisters. I still am. But… the times we are living in have made me an optimist, funnily enough. Let the idiots and narrow-minded leaders burn everything to the ground. After they destroyed it, the shift will come and men learn how to be better beings. I think the brighter attitude gives the song that power gothic sound. „

Das Team zum Video ist:

Director Silva Kuusniemi

DOP Gerda Falk

Creative Director Kirke Rodwell

Producer Signe Falk

Production Company Rodwell Falk