Das australische Depressive Black Metal Juwel hat beschlossen, sich nach der kommenden Europatour mit LEBENSSUCHT aufzulösen. Ein letztes Album, welches den Titel „A Portrait of Sacrificial Scars“ tragen wird, werde es noch geben, dann sei die Band Geschichte.

Das offizielle Statement der Band:

„With immense sadness, we must announce the funeral of Deadspace. We thank everyone over the years that has supported us in and outside the band. Personal circumstances changing, including work situations and members being overseas has made this difficult decision an unaffordable reality. Our last Perth show is on March 6, final tour in Europe for March/April and final festival at Sick Midsummer in Austria.

We are to release a final album this year entitled ‚A Portrait Of Sacrificial Scars‘. Chris will continue to release music under this name as a completely new project. Without the other members, Deadspace is finished. Dan and John will continue with Cancer and Herb with his other local projects. The relationship between members is as strong as ever, it is together that we have made this decision and faced this reality.

It’s been fun. See you at a final show.


Wer die Band noch sehen möchte, kann dies in folgenden Städten tun:

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