Wie die Band nun mitteilte, hat Schlagzeuger Namtar sich dazu entschieden, die Band zu verlassen. Hier das offizielle Statement der Band:

„We very much regret to inform you that Namtar has decided to leave Carach Angren. He has written a statement on his personal page to explain his reasons.
Namtar has always been an incredible drummer and worked very hard within the band. Although we really regret his departure, we respect his decision. We truly want to thank him for everything and wish him all the best for the future.
We, Ardek and Seregor, will continue Carach Angren together from now and we are ready to start revealing our most ambitious album to date!
In the touring and live section we will go on with the excellent loyal help of live guitarist Bastiaan Boh (Butcher) and a soon to be announced new live drummer.


Ardek & Seregor“

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