Neuer Song von neuem Album von CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX

Der Track hört auf den Namen „Cry of Love“ und stammt vom neuen Album ‚Ellengæst‘, welches am 9. Oktober auf die Welt kommen wird. In dem Song geht es um den Verlust eines geliebten Familienmitglieds, aber nicht einem menschlichen, sondern es geht um eine Katze. Justin sagt dazu: “Ryan came back with the words and vocals after I sent him the song and it blew us away. We already connected with Ryan when on tour and being fellow animal lovers and vegans, he, Belinda and myself have a deep appreciation for speaking out about our animal friends. The song lyrics are about Ryan’s cat Willie who sadly passed away. Coincidentally, at the same time we (Belinda and myself) lost two of our cat family, Nell and Tigger (the old three-legged dude who starred on the cover of Horrific Honorifics). So this song is like a coming together to celebrate the love we have for the cats, how we miss them and how they influence our lives.The video for this fried my brain, I love it so much and so do the rest of the band, Guilherme totally understood what the feelings of the song are about, and he made a beautiful and simple narrative which will touch even the coldest heart. If you love your cat, or lost one you love, then be prepared to grab the tissues.”

Hier geht’s zum Song: