Neuer Song von TRIBULATION

Bereits im August kündigten die Schweden ihr neues Werk „Where the Gloom Becomes Sound“ an, bevor wir nun endlich eine Kostprobe zu hören bekommen. Der neue Song heißt „Leviathans“ und hält definitiv, was der Albumtitel verspricht. Die Band dazu:

„‚Down, further down, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound…‘, Anna-Varney Cantodea once sang in a previous millennium, in a different world,“ said the band. „And further down than Down Below we went with this one. The album is a sombre one, filled with ghastly shadows and elemental magic – a mythological bestiarium vocabulum ranging from the desert sands to the midnight sun, from our murky prehistorical past to our potentially luminous futures. Figuratively, literally and musically. We worked together with producer Jamie Elton to create something wild and imaginative, something that would take the listener on a nightly adventure along with Fernand Khnopff’s enigmatic sibyl on the cover and with all the gods and goddesses, nymphs and demons that we conjured up during the recording. As an icing on an already frosted cake we had the help of Tom Dalgety for the finishing touches.“

Hier geht’s zum Video: