HAMMER KING unterschreiben bei Napalm Records

HAMMER KING, bei denen u.A. ehemalige Mitglieder von Ross the Boss und Saltatio Mortis aktiv sind, haben einen weltweiten Deal mit Napalm Records an Land gezogen.
Lest hier das offizielle Statement:

It has been done! Ever since thy Majesty, the Hammer King, founded the band, it was our strongest desire to move onward and upward. Now, signing with Napalm Records, we are joyous, proud and confident to have taken at least one giant step upward. Napalm Records has always been our dream partner for Hammer King as they very obviously are doing an outstanding job promoting and pushing their classy roster of bands.

We are blessed to now be a part of that roster and we are equally sworn to work as hard and consistently as possible to deliver whatever it takes to fulfill Napalm’s expectations in us – as well as our own and those of the Hammer King. We kneel in gratitude – and we stand with the Kingly Hammer raised to take the world!

God bless the King, may the King bless you!