Black Metaller LES CHANTS DU HASARD teasern neues Album

Das kommende Album ist „Livre Troisième“ betitelt und erscheint am 9.4.21. Der Bandkopf gibt selbst Auskunft zu seinem Werk:

„Les Chants du Hasard is the project of Hazard. It is project born with the idea that metal is a musical style that deals with extreme emotions, anger, violence, darkness, despair and whose goal is to create an aural experience of those emotions, something more than just music, that would drown the listener. I wondered what would be the best way to create such music and the answer I found is that one needs the most expressive musical means. Now, what is the musical vessel with the most possibilities, the most nuances and that has been refined for centuries by very talented people? Orchestra Livre Premier, released in 2017, was the materialization of that idea. Livre Second, released in 2019,  digged further, it was definitely more focused and confident than its predecessor, getting closer to what I wanted to achieve: orchestral music as dark and violent as metal. The production is clearer, deeper and stronger; the arrangements, richer; the atmospheres are more majestic than before. In Livre troisième, I strayed away from this idea. The voices are more diverse, with Soprano, Tenor , children voices, spoken words as well as „metal“ voices. The music is also more diversified, not only oriented towards violence, with different moods and the album should be taken as a whole rather than as  a collection of songs. Is ist still metal? This question is now irrelevant, Les Chants du Hasard has its own style, call it how you like.“

Line up :

Hazard : Music, voice

Marfa Khovansky : Soprano

Melitza Torres : Soprano

Vaerohn (Pensées Nocturnes) : Voice

Göran Setitus (Svartghast, ex-Setherial) : Voice

Tracklist :

Chant I – Le Moine

Chant II – Les Prismes

Chant III – Le Reflet

Chant IV – Salve Regina

Chant V – Les milliers d’une fois

Chant VI – La Comptine

Chant VII – L’oubli

Chant VIII – Le Repos

Hier geht’s zum Teaser: