Neue Single „The Lie“ der norwegischen Rock Band Årabrot

Die Norweger melden sich mit ihrem Album „Norwegian Gothic“, dem Nachfolger ihres 2018er Albums „Who Do You Love“ zurück. Es ist bereits ihr neuntes Album. Ihr neuer Song heißt „The Lie“ und wird von Kjetil Nernes so kommentiert:
“The Lie is a rock song. The Lie is not about telling a lie. It is about living a lie. No wonder, I spent months reading philosopher Theodor Adorno when writing The Lie. We lived in an apartment in Oslo with a friend and my memories of this specific time are very vivid. The weather, the smell, what we were cooking, what music we were listening to… Even the dirty floors. Less than a year later our friend died in a terrible boat accident. It all became part of something bigger.”

Hier geht’s zum Song: