Post Rock aus Schweden mit JOHAN G. WINTHER

Der Schwede präsentiert ein Video zum Song „The Chastening Star“ vom neuen Album „The Rupturing Sowle“, das am 26.3.21 erscheinen wird. Dazu der Künstler:

„I became a father for the first time in 2010, and anyone who has children can attest to the fundamental life changes this brings with it. It forced me to re-evaluate myself down to my core being and made me examine my life and my experiences more thoroughly. I started to dream parts of the same dream over and over, bits and pieces slowly coming together into a narrative of sorts. In the summer of 2012, we retreated to our cabin in the middle of Sweden and I started to record pieces to fit the narrative in my head. One of the core concepts were the inborn duality of the human soul, and I tried to represent this on the album by presenting as many ideas and musical parts as pairs, with a light and a dark side to try to create a persistent sense of tension throughout.“