US Metaller PHARAOH kündigen neues Album an

Das Album „The Powers That Be“ wird am 18.6.21 erscheinen. Es wird ihr erstes seit neun Jahren sein. Gitarrist Matt Johnson sagt dazu:

“I’d say the real push to get this done started in 2018 or so when Chris started tracking his drums. He did a couple of tunes at a time, so it took a while to finish them all. And then I had to record all the guitars, and I procrastinated that task for the better part of 2019. But I eventually got to work and I finished everything in early 2020. When Tim came to sing, it felt like we were on a roll and would be done quickly, but then of course the pandemic happened…The first vocal session was completed a week or so before the lockdown happened. We waited for months to even consider starting up again, but we really had no choice, so Tim would ride the train out east and live here for a week at a time, and eventually, we got it all done. All things considered, the pandemic didn’t make the process harder, because, for us, the process is always hard. On ‘Bury the Light’, the conceit was that ‘the light’ was a bad thing, something that wells up and demands release but only leads to suffering. I think of it as something like selfish energy, the overexercise of the ID. We tried to bury it, but what we got was the ultimate release of the most destructive selfishness this country has seen in centuries, the world-crushing cupidity of Donald Trump and this half-witted cult. So, I think of ‘The Powers That Be’ as those forces that stifle creativity and decency, from the plague of white supremacy to the ravening predation of capitalism. The fount of our misery is not below us…it is above.”

„The Powers That Be“ – Tracklist:  

1. The Powers That Be

2. Will We Rise

3. Waiting To Drown

4. Lost In The Waves

5. Ride Us To Hell

6. When The World Was Mine

7. Freedom

8. Dying Sun

9. I Can Hear Them