Nachdem Schaffer dem FBI Mittäter genannt hat, um so eine geringere Haftstrafe zu erhalten, gab es misbilligende Stimmen aus der Szene.
So twitterte Dee Snider:

Diese Aussage nahmen Týr in ihrem Bandpodcast auf. Heri, Tadeusz und Gunnar erzählten zunächst, wie sie mit Demons&Wizards auf 2019 Tour waren und dort Schaffer kennenlernten. Der Headliner hätte sie gut behandelt, sie hätten Schaffer aber nur kurz gesprochen Er sei nett, aber auch „sehr amerikanisch“ gewesen. Dann kam man auf Schaffers Aktion am 6. Januar 2021 und Dees Reaktion zu sprechen.

Drummer Tadeusz sagte dazu:
„I have to agree with Dee Snider here. I mean, seriously, if you’re really stupid enough to break into the building of the American government and try a revolution, and after that, you’re not even facing or standing up to what you were convinced of doing is right or is true or is your purpose, then, I mean, come on — that’s call snitching.“

Auch Heri stimmte dem zu:
„Sounds like he doesn’t really believe in what he was trying to do. If he thinks the entire government needs to be overthrown, he wouldn’t try and make a deal with them to turn other people in as well. It seems very half-baked and half-hearted to me. Decades in a U.S. prison is no holiday; it’s no picnic. Especially at our age, your entire future is gone.
But anyway, it’s a pretty serious crime and attempt to overthrow the entire government. And how you can then try and cooperate with them for leniency from the very system you were trying to overthrow.“

Bassist Gunnar meinte:
„It all seems so harsh. It kind of brings me back to some of the troubles we’ve been through. Instead of going a political way of showing people your point of view, what you think is right, they come and do stuff like this, which is somewhat childish in a way.“

Darauf fügte Tadeusz hinzu:
„It’s actually radical. And that is the biggest problem here, I think.“

Heri fasste das Thema wie folgt zusammen:
„But there’s also something childish about it. It’s like when you’re losing a game of chess and you just wipe everything off the table. We have a functioning system here. You may not like it, but there are ways of interacting with it if that’s what you want to. There are also ways you absolutely shouldn’t. If whatever they were trying to do was successful, there’s, I think, a one hundred percent chance that things would be worse and not better.
The American system probably isn’t perfect — I don’t think any system is — but treating it like this is almost certainly gonna make it worse, if they were successful.“

Schaffer wurden sechs Taten vorgeworfen, zu zwei von ihnen bekennt er sich schuldig.

(transcriptions via metalinjection)