Neue Single der japanischen Metaller IMARI TONES

Der Song heißt „Lord’s Prayer“ und stammt vom kommenden Doppelalbum „Nabeshima“, das am 6.7.2021 erscheinen wird. Was sagt die Band dazu?

“What if Japanese samurai spirit and Christian faith get together? Well, here is the result. And the result is good. This might be the holiest 5 minutes of musical adventure you can experience in your life. Since Larry Norman started Christian rock in the 1960’s, we’ve had bands like Petra, Stryper and Creed, now there are countless Christian bands in the whole world. However in Japan, Christian bands are still difficult to find. Imari Tones is one of the very few bands, if not the only one, that play Christian Heavy Metal in Japan. Among those Christian bands, Lord’s Prayer is probably one of the most common song titles. Yet Imari Tones decided to call the song this way, because it’s a very special song with a distinct sound. Imari Tones are known for their old school power metal sound, but this song is more progressive than metal, representing a more eclectic side of theirs. This is some serious Funky Gospel Metal Progressive song. Right from the majestic dreamy introduction to smooth jazz bridge part and the mysterious Steve Vai-esque guitar solo, this song doesn’t cease surprising listers until the end. Imari Tones shows God’s sonic glory with Lord’s Prayer, and declares Jesus’ name in Japan. Experience the holy progressive by the old school Japanese samurais.”