Epic Metaller RYGHÄR kündigen neues Album für Herbst an

Das Debüt der Texaner wird am 23.9.21 veröffentlicht werden.


I – A Castle, a Still Lake, a Forest, And a Valley Deep

II – Cair Vasturhaf: A Flaming Sunset on the Parapets of the King of the Western Sea

III – A Desperate Plan on the Field of Battle

IV – We Make for the Deeping Pass

V – A Baleful Wind Cries Above the Ziggurat Esoternium

VI – Temple of the Crystal Spire (feat. ENCLOAKED)

VII – Hammers in the Halls of the Deep

VIII – In a Land Where the Sun Never Sleeps

IX – The Witching Blade

Hier gibt’s nen Teaser: