Die Nordnorweger servieren diesen Winter ihr neues Album „Divine Blight“, dessen Themen zum einen literarischer Natur, aber auch realpolitisch sind, wie z.B. die Problematiken für die Ureinwohner Norwegens. Dazu kommentiert die Band:

“It’s our most alternative song on the album, where almost everyone contributed to the songwriting. “USA” starts off very calm and beautiful, before the main bassline of the song comes in, which in itself is very intricate. The song follows a very strange structure where it has two ‘’hooks’’, and riffs that showcase the absolute guitar mastery that the band can deliver. Lyrically there was a lot of work put into this song, it touches upon the horrors that were inflicted upon the Native Americans, and also the Sami people, the indigenous people of Northern Norway, expressing extreme dismay and criticism against the atrocities inflicted.”

Track List:
1. Majesty – 03:46
2. Caretaker – 03:58
3. Riven – 03:51
4. En Elskovsdans – 03:10
5. The Serpent – 03:32
6. Casanova – 03:35
7. Deadlands – 04:26
8. Absence – 04:09
9. USA – 05:32 ft. gust vocals Petter Carlsen
10. Avarice – 05:33
Spielzeit: 41:37

Live und Album Lineup:
Espen Dagenborg – Vocals
Thomas Nyvoll – Guitar
Alexander Stamnes – Guitar
Brage Ingebrigtsen Westgaard – Bass
Aleksander Alsen – Drums

Das Album „Divine Blight“ erscheint am 11.11.22.