Mädels Dark Metal Duo UPON SHADOWS veröffentlichen neue Single „Light and Shadows“

Die Damen von UPON SHADOWS veröffentlichen ihren neuen Track und das damit verbundene Video zu „Light and Shadows“, um ihr 20jähriges Bestehen zu feiern. Die Single wird allerdings nicht auf dem neuen Album zu hören sein, das nächstes Jahr erscheinen wird. Das Releasedatum wird wie immer der 18.10. sein, denn das ist der Geburtstag von Tamar Picardo, der Bandleaderin.

Natalia Arocena – bass
Tamara Picardo – guitar, keyboards, drums & vocals.

Die Band kommentier“For this single, we wanted to go for a more raw sound, this decision is based on the concept within „Light and Shadows“. It is a song that somehow evokes the spirit of our first albums and at the same time unites it with who we are now. In a way it is „proof“ that we are still the same dreamy rebels, that 20 years ago got together to make dark music, and our flame is still furiously alive.
There are no political or philosophical references in this song… I wanted this song to be a bit of fresh air, among so many bad news and constant tragedies. Among so many people trying to convince another of something. This is poetry and extreme metal with all our passion and our blood”.