Blackened Death aus Bahrain: RYTH veröffentlichen Debüt im November

Am 11. November erscheint die erste Langrille der Araber und hört auf den Namen „Deceptor Creator“. Die Band ist bereits seit 2008 vor allem in der Liveszene ihres Heimatlandes aktiv, noch unter dem alten Namen RAIN IN HELL. Zum Album sagt die Band:
„Deceptor Creator tells a story of creation, sacrifice and overcoming self, becoming something higher by drive of love and hate, but everything created is fated for destruction… a greater darkness (or light) exists beyond us.
We are very excited to release our first-ever album which means a lot to us. We hope for everyone to enjoy it and to reach a new crowd with it.“

1. Firmament (Intro)
2. Auto-Autonomous
3. Self Destruct
4. White Portrait
5. Spiral Flood
6. Spectre (Interlude)
7. Facade
8. The Rise of Erebus
9. Explicit Name